SEDUCE Ultra-Premium Vodka - 750ml

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SEDUCE Ultra-Premium Vodka - 750ml


SEDUCE Ultra-Premium Vodka is produced with pure natural spring water from deep within the cascade mountains of Oregon. This water source has been long regarded as the purest water in the world and it is the inspiration and key element in SEDUCE ® Vodka. All of our Vodka is distilled five times by hand in copper stills and then filtered ten times through crushed lava rock. The resulting flavor is exceptionally crisp and smooth with a spring water like finish. Each and every bottle of our vodka is handcrafted to perfection from start to finish. • SEDUCE Vodka is 100% All Natural • SEDUCE Vodka is 100% Gluten Free • SEDUCE Vodka does not contain any additives • SEDUCE Vodka does not contain preservatives