POPS' Famous Brand Whisky 750ml

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POPS' Famous Brand Whisky 750ml


POPS’ Famous Brand Whisky is a proprietary blend of carefully selected barrels of 3-14 year old unadulterated Corn and Rye whiskies, proofed to 42% with Texas spring water. No sugar added, no glycerine added, no flavorings added. Just whisky & water. Our selected barrels of whiskies are exclusively from Quebec, Canada, imported, and meticulously blended together ‘to taste’ in Austin, Texas for a light, easy sipping, easy mixing, approachable whisky. Delicious neat, with your favorite soda, or in your favorite classic whisky cocktail (we recommend a Manhattan or Old Fashioned). Celebrate Everything! (Be sure to personalize your bottle of POPS’ Famous Brand on the back label in the space left for you beneath the “This bottle is celebrating…”)