Foursquare Rum Shibboleth 750 ml

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Foursquare Rum Shibboleth 750 ml


Foursquare "Shibboleth" is Mark XVI of the rare and limited Exceptional Cask Selection releases coming from Foursquare Rum Distillery in Barbados. 
A single blended rum, consisting of both artisanal pot and traditional twin column Coffey distilled molasses rums.Shibboleth was matured for a minimum of 16 years in Ex-Bourbon Barrels.All aging, blending and bottling occurring entirely on-site, at Foursquare Rum Distillery in Barbados.
No color, no sugar, no additives, no filtration.
Bottled at 56% ABV - 112 Proof.

Tasting Notes:

Initial Impressions: Shibboleth is arresting and complex, yet finishes bright and elegant - immense depth of oak influence, coupled with fresh and dried fruit notes, baking spices, brown butter and a hint of chocolate covered strawberries.

As it sits in the glass, elements of candy floss, dried apricots, mint, and butterscotch start to evolve in the aroma while the palate presents blackberry compote, banana nut bread, chocolate ganache and finishes bright with citrus elements of tangerine and blood orange.

Aroma: Acetone, Caramelized Orange, Black Walnut, Almond, Black Currant, Butterscotch, Chocolate covered strawberries, Dried Apricots, Mint, and Candy floss.

Palate: Layered, rich, and complex. Notes of dark chocolate ganache, blackberry compote, butterscotch, banana nut bread, finishing with tangerine, and blood orange