Helix 7 1 Liter & Askur 45 1 Liter Combo Pack - $1 Shipping

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Helix 7 1 Liter & Askur 45 1 Liter Combo Pack - $1 Shipping


Why choose one when you can have both? Enjoy our 2019 award-winning Helix 7 Vodka along with our newest member of the Wanderlust Spirits family, Askur 45 Gin. 

At Wanderlust Spirits, we carefully choose each of our ingredients and source them from around the world, which is what sets us apart from other spirits. Most spirits are produced with ingredients from a single region. Our products combine different ingredients from the best sources possible. If it means sourcing from ten different countries to produce the best flavor profile, we will do so. As we continue to travel, taste new flavors and see new sights, we will continue to develop products that highlight these experiences and bottle them up for our consumers to enjoy. 



Helix 7 is an artisan vodka, made with the finest winter wheat from the Champagne region of France and spring water from Iceland. It is distilled seven times to produce a low mineral content spirit with high alkalinity.  Blending these two ingredients results in citrus and floral notes with a creamy mouthfeel. 

Platinum Best in Class – SIP Awards 2019



Askur 45 is a London Dry Gin made with winter wheat from France, spring water from Iceland, and botanicals from around the world. It highlights Spanish citrus and Balkan juniper, with hints of Chinese cassia and Belgium angelica root.