Broken Shed Vodka 1750ml

Broken Shed Vodka 1750ml



Broken Shed Vodka, is the award-winning Vodka from New Zealand. It sustainably uses pristine natural resources to produce a superior vodka with only 2 ingredients, whey distillate and our special blend of mineral and spring waters.  Nothing else goes in the bottle. No additives, no glutens, no GMOs, no added sugars.


Clean Vodka with award winning taste and sensual mouthfeel that showcases the natural resources of New Zealand.

Nose: An initial pure hit of a dominant vanilla aroma, which dissipates into a subtle blend of citrus and freshly cut southern grass notes

Mouthfeel: A medium to light viscous sensation that coats the palate, but melts away seamlessly, leaving a smooth yet subtle lingering on the side of the tongue

Palate: Butterscotch vanilla notes foremost flavors, which dissolve into a peppery & bittersweet yet smooth taste on the back of the tongue

Finish: Smooth, with a touch of warmth, leaving a delightfully pleasant yet concise lingering of flavor on the palate


Broken Shed Vodka started in a Broken Shed on the shores of Lake Wanaka, New Zealand, two Americans dreamed of making the world’s best vodka with a unique twist. They wanted to use the gifts that nature’s bounty bestowed on New Zealand to create the world’s most unique vodka.

They tested water sources, refined filtration processes and tested repeatedly in that same broken shed.  Day after day they worked to perfect the recipe. Every Friday, the neighborhood revelled in the legendary tasting parties!

Finally, they settled on the recipe for the most unique vodka, clean, crisp and lush with a smooth warm finish.

Each batch of Broken Shed Vodka is the product of our Founder & Master Blender, adhering to the strictest, most exacting standards. 

We use sustainable whey protein for the distillate base and our proprietary blend of two waters. The natural minerals in one water combine with the whey distillate to create our characteristic taste and luxurious mouthfeel. 

When people try Broken Shed Vodka, they immediately notice the difference. Its taste stands out against the competition and has won many competitive awards and top notch reviews.