Born Rosé 750ml

Born Rosé 750ml


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Rosé wine from the 2019 new vintage: organic & Gold Medal.


The rosé wine from Barcelona. Designed to enjoy special moments on terraces, at the beach and with friends. Drink it cold, in a cup, in a glass or anyway you like. After all, the most important thing is that you end up enjoying La Vie en Rosé. 

Made by one of the Penedés masters, it is an expressive organic wine with notes of citrus and tropical fruit on a floral and fresh background of aromatic herbs. It constantly surprises and is characterized by a pleasant, mellow and balanced entrance palate.

Expressive wine with a high aromatic intensity, with notes of citrus fruit (grapefruit, mandarin) and tropical (pineapple and mango) on a floral background (jasmine) and fresh aromatic herbs (thyme and mint).

A soft entrance on the front pallet with a smooth and balanced mouth feel, a slightly dry and mildly acidic finish leaves you wanting more.

Combines perfect with all kinds of Mediterranean cuisine such as salads, grilled vegetables, blue fish and seafood. Ideal for aperitif moment. Great companion of tapas or sushi.