Baston del Rey Reposado 750ml

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Baston del Rey Reposado 750ml

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We age our agave nectar in Canadian oak barrels for eight months to create our signature Reposado tequila, ensuring the authenticity of the agave flavor with minimal influence from the wood barrel during its aging process. A subtle, complex aroma is alluring to the nose, and you are likely to note hints of citrus, honey and smoke when you inhale Reposado’s unique bouquet. Baston Del Rey’s Reposado is very agave-forward, and therefore, its flavor is quite different from most reposado tequilas. Incredibly smooth and mellow attributes make our Reposado even better than our Platinum tequila for cocktails, and it is the ideal choice for the most incredible margarita you’ve ever had. The Reposado has a wonderfully smooth, gentle finish.