Baston del Rey Platinum 750ml

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Baston del Rey Platinum 750ml

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Baston Del Rey’s Platinum tequila is an unaged blanco that shows off the authentic flavor and quality of the blue agave it is made from. After distilling, it is poured directly into the bottle for distribution and enjoyment. The Platinum tequila has an aroma that is rich with the smoke from the agave ovens that cook the plant to extract the sweet nectar. Additionally, the agave is strong on the nose, complemented with hints of lime and citrus. The taste and texture are sweet and smooth, with a comfortable heat down the throat, and a simple, fresh finish. This is incredibly drinkable for a blanco tequila, and is perfect for cocktails and margaritas; in fact, some have said that it is a delicious margarita straight out of the bottle!