Apple Playa - 750ml

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Apple Playa - 750ml


In 2012, we were given a special gift on our way to a festival on a deep desert playa.… a handcrafted liqueur made with apples, cinnamon, and love. From the very first sip we knew it was divine. We poured it, drank it, and shared it with friends and soon, we gave it a name: APPLE PLAYA. We planted a seed that, before long, became part of a new LIBATION LOVE CULTURE. Now, we bring APPLE PLAYA to you. Try it neat, on the rocks, with bourbon, vanilla ice cream or even with a splash of ginger beer! Whatever you do, be sure to blend it with LOVE.

on 6 or more bottles


Apple Playa is meant to be shared.  So please, purchase two bottles... one for yourself and another to share as a gift.