Alaska Glacier Vodka 750ml

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Alaska Glacier Vodka 750ml


The legendary glaciers of Alaska were formed eons ago. Without fanfare, without the acknowledgement of humankind–before cars, before industry–Pacific storms deposited layer upon layer of snow on the Chugach Mountains and valleys. As the layers piled up, they were buried under unimaginable pressure and compressed into blue ice. And there they slumbered as glaciers in the purity of preindustrial Earth. But glaciers aren’t as dormant as they seem.Almost without notice, inch-by-inch, they move toward the sea. Along the way, they share some of their precious water cargo with Alaska’s springs and rivers. Today, we Alaskans are the lucky beneficiaries of this ancient gift. And so are you. One taste of our small batch Alaska Glacier Vodka, and you’ll notice the uncommonly crisp taste of glacier water carefully distilled into a spirit as pure as it’s source.​